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Caring Fiercely: Nurses Tell Dems Why They Won’t Sit Down, Be Quiet in Fight for Single Payer

As California’s single payer bill, S.B. 562, continues to occupy its parking space in the California Assembly — courtesy of Speaker Anthony Rendon’s decision last month to table the bill — nurses in California have noticed a familiar trend.

Bonnie Castillo, NNU Director of Health and Safety
July 21, 2017

ALERT! Executive Director Of Social Security Works Alex Lawson, Issues CALL TO ACTION!

Alex Lawson is the Executive Director of Social Security Works and as such he's read and knows just how bad the Republican Senate Repeal and Replace Bill is.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio
July 20, 2017

The Public Option – Doomed From the Start

With the collapse of the dismal Republican healthcare bill, some Democrats are reviving talk of a public option as the cure for the holes in the Affordable Care Act that opened the door for the GOP attack.

NNU Executive Director, RoseAnn DeMoro writing for Common Dreams
July 20, 2017

Since When Is It Not Okay to Play Hardball With the Democrats?

Despite efforts by the political establishment to shut it down, the quest for a state-based, Medicare-for-all type system in California, based on patient need, not corporate profits, rolls on.

NNU Executive Director, RoseAnn DeMoro writing for The Nation
July 17, 2017

Nurses Scolded: Not OKAY to Play Hardball with Democrats

The seminal fight for single-payer healthcare in California reflects a national struggle for the movement for social change. So, no, organized nurses and our allies will not wait. And we will not back down.

NNU Executive Director, RoseAnn DeMoro writing for Common Dreams
July 14, 2017